Carolyn Askar

Carolyn Askar, LRAM, LUDDA

Carolyn Askar has written six collections of poetry and several children’s stories. Used extensively in educational and cultural projects worldwide, Carolyn’s poems and stories have been reprinted by the UN and the BBC, among others. The Swans’ Secret was the UN’s spring 2013 book recommendation.

Her work promotes:

  • Imagination and creative expression
  • Development of self-awareness and psychological understanding
  • Loving relationships, family and open-minded communities
  • Individual freedom, justice and self-empowerment (especially for women and girls)
  • Development of mind, heart and spirit connections
Books by Carolyn Askar

Over the decades, Carolyn has articulated her concerns through poems, children’s stories and workshops. Each collection marks a personal shift in focus, capturing changes and explorations we can all relate to.

Children’s Stories

  • Dream-Flight
  • The Picnic
  • Mc.Cloud
  • Good Neighbours
  • Justy in the Jungle

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