Praise for Carolyn Askar

Carolyn Askar’s remarkable collection is exhilarating, bewitching and inspiring. A book about Love in its truest sense.Robert Powell
One word is all that is needed to describe this book—that is: “beautiful”.Spike Milligan
What a special treat … wonderful and thought-provoking! Carolyn’s ability to express people’s feelings and thoughts in poetry—and even to act them out—is delightful. I enjoyed every moment of the program.Members of the National Society of Arts and Letters, Washington, D.C.
A superb evening … A rare pleasure … a memorable experience.The English Speaking Union
Startling original imagery, fired from the creative spirit.The Salisbury Journal (Salisbury Festival, UK)
Carolyn Askar mines her imagination with a sure instinct for truth and beauty.Ver Poets, UK
… a specific need to realign poetry with a sense of feeling and purpose… Carolyn Askar continues this particular objective, in poetry which speaks from the heart and affirms the consciousness of life.Geoffrey Godbert, Editor of The Diamond Press
I have so many comments from people about “The Rainbow People”—it’s obviously been very much appreciated!Christian Aid, UK
Carolyn Askar’s personal and global concerns come through loud and clear.Tenth Muse
I worked with Carolyn on some voice training for a public speaking event. She helped me with how to change the “tone” of what I was saying to make an impact, and she taught me some amazing breathing techniques, which helped enormously. I felt working with Carolyn was hugely helpful, fun and confidence-building. I can recommend her highly, and I will enjoy working with her again very soon.Jayne Wells, Berkshire, UK
I have been in a writing group with Carolyn Askar for over 10 years. Anyone lucky enough to be able to get to one of Carolyn’s workshops should go and know that they will have a rich and creative time. Carolyn’s gift as mentor and teacher is her ability to see into the heart of your work, to hear what is obscured and—by suggesting a tiny twitch or a “taking out”—to magically transform it, allowing you, in that moment, to feel worthy of the name “poet”.Serena Newby, Ashland Oregon
I’ve enjoyed writing with Carolyn for several years now. She is not only a fine poet and writer herself but a sensitive, astute and reliable guide as I’ve begun to find, expand and refine my writing “voice.” Encouraging and nonjudgmental, Carolyn listens well, offers suggestions when asked and has creative exercises to share when appropriate. Writing with Carolyn has been inspirational, bringing me to understand that even though a beginner, my “scribbles” matter.Jane Stromberg, Ashland, Oregon